PT Amarco Intra Niaga is an authorized distributor and applicator of 3M™ Window Films in Indonesia Region since 1998. We have successfully completed such major applications as Mandarin Oriental Hotel Jakarta Building and Bank Resona Perdania Building.

PT Amarco Intra Niaga is committed to providing every client, regardless of project size, with the absolute highest levels of customer service. We refuse to use subcontract labor to install our projects and all of our technicians are 3M factory trained employees of PT Amarco Intra Niaga. No other company has more experience handling 3M Security Laminates than the extraordinary talents of our installation technicians. We offer a truly passive system of glass protection. Our Ultra-Flex Attachment system structurally secures our laminate to the frame. This system has been tested to the GSA Bomb Blast Security Criteria and is Factory Mutual Approved for use as hurricane resistant fenestration. Allow us to assist you in your search of solutions to your glass protection problems.

Our window film products are manufactured by 3M ™ Company. 3M™ holds the original window film patent and has been the world leader in the development of new and innovative adhesives.  They have the finest selection of window films that resist peeling, bubbling, scratching and abrasion for long-lasting beauty and clarity. 

3M™'s Window Film product line includes sun control, safety and security hurricane protection, fragment retention, architectural/interior design and anti-graffiti series of window film products.

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